Jake Paul set upon by Floyd Mayweather and security staff after confrontation 2 years ago

Jake Paul set upon by Floyd Mayweather and security staff after confrontation

"Got your hat. Got your hat!"

Jake Paul is causing a social media stir everywhere that he goes.


Fresh off his latest celebrity boxing wins over former basketball star Nate Robinson and ex-UFC star Ben Askren, the YouTuber is seeking bigger prey.

Step forward Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather is set to take on Logan Paul - Jake's brother - in an exhibition fight, but he looks to have his next fight already sold to the highest bidders.

Not long after Logan Paul and 'Money' had faced off to promote, at Miami Gardens, their upcoming bout, along came Jake Paul to get in the retired pro boxer's face.


As Mayweather boldly proclaimed his team would go get the paperwork to set up the next fight, Jake Paul stole his hat. All hell then broke loose.

Jake Paul was set upon by Mayweather's security staff and the former multi-weight world champion grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, too, as media hordes swarmed around in a frenzy.


Security was eventually able to intervene, but the situation escalated again when Logan Paul and his entourage entered the chaotic scene:

"You crazy?" bellowed a razzed Mayweather.


"Don't know who the **** you playing with... I'll **** you up! I'll **** you up!

"That mother****er came for me, took my hat. B***h, who you playing with? I'll kill that mother****er!"

During his long, four-stop promotional tour for his 2017 bout with Conor McGregor, we never saw Mayweather get so riled up.

The bear has been poked.

Mayweather has found a new money-spinning dance partner.

Poor Daniel Cormier may have to take a ticket and bide his time.