'I'm too old, you're too slow' - Tom Brady fires back at Patriots critics 4 years ago

'I'm too old, you're too slow' - Tom Brady fires back at Patriots critics

New England Patriots quarter-back Tom Brady will be going to his ninth Superbowl after the Pats' overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

The Patriots won after running back Rex Burkhead ran in to score the game winning touchdown with Bill Belichick's side set to take on the Los Angeles Rams after their controversial win over the New Orleans Saints.


Brady was sensational and threw for 348 yards with 30 completions and after the game enjoyed a nice moment with wide receiver Chris Hogan as they listed off a bunch of criticisms leveled at their side this year.

“Just remember,” Brady told Hogan, “I’m too old, you’re too slow, we’ve got no skill position players, we’ve got no defense. (Expletive) that!”


Brady is statistically better now than he was during his twenties and he told Yahoo that experience is the key to his improvement over the decades.

 “When you first started your job, compared to you now, are you better?” he said. “You have a lot more experience. That’s what this is. Experience. So I don’t think it is all that surprising. We have been fighting uphill all year. This game is hard to win. The next game is harder to win. This game, you just celebrate it for what it is. Then we go to work on the Rams.

“I never imagined any of this, believe me. This is beyond. I mean, who could ever imagine this? Nine Super Bowls? I just take it for what it is and enjoy it. I love my teammates. I love my coaches. I love my family. It takes a lot of people to support you for all of us. I’m just happy for all of us.”