Genie Bouchard was so convinced of a Falcons win, she bet a date on it 6 years ago

Genie Bouchard was so convinced of a Falcons win, she bet a date on it

One opportunistic Twitter user definitely owes Tom Brady a pint.

@punslayintwoods was absent-mindedly scrolling through Twitter during Sunday night's Super Bowl when he stumbled across a tweet from Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard.


Now we all know what @punslayintwoods is like so of course he chanced his arm.

In what was a bet with no risk for the hopeful tweeter, ol' @punslayintwoods took full advantage of Bouchard's over-confidence which showed itself amid the remarkable first half performance from the Atlanta Falcons, the Super Bowl underdogs, on Sunday evening.



The deal had been done.

And nobody would have been roaring every Brady drive along more than Mr. Optimism himself.

Bouchard started getting nervous as she realised that the prospect of sharing an evening with a faceless social media user was growing closer to a reality.


31 unanswered points later and the New England Patriots were Super Bowl champions.

And Bouchard couldn't hide her emotions.


And whether the date comes to fruition or not, which could be unlikely as it emerged that @punslayintwoods was still in school, a valuable lesson was learned from the whole incident.