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11th Dec 2014

Dallas Cowboys player uses very uncool tactics when playing Madden with kids in hospital

Bad form Orlando, bad form

Sean Nolan

This is a long way from letting the children win

While we are all for ensuring that children learn the values of competition, and the lessons you can learn from defeat, it is never any harm to let children win the odd game of football/tennis/FIFA now and then, just to be nice.

And, if those kids happen to be in hospital then we suggest you should definitely let them win. But if reports in the Dallas press are to be believed, one NFL player didn’t get that memo.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick was on a visit with his team-mates on Tuesday to a number of hospitals in the Texas city. And while the kids, of course, wanted to play with the likes of Dez Bryant on the NFL simulator Madden, the kids who played with Scandrick won’t want to see him again.

Team-mate Justin Durant tweeted the tactics that Scandrick employed against the kids, and they weren’t cool at all.

Feel free to boo Scandrick next time he flashes up on Sky Sports on a Sunday