Can Rob Gronkowski evade the Bieber curse? 5 years ago

Can Rob Gronkowski evade the Bieber curse?

New England Patriots fans, look away now. Justin Bieber may have just destroyed your season.

The teen idol attended last night's NBA game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves and found his way into the home locker room to chat with players like All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

At least the Clippers managed to beat Minnesota before meeting Bieber, whose past appearances with sports stars have led to sudden and horrible defeats (Exhibit A: The Pittsburgh Steelers stinking up the joint against the woeful New York Jets just a day after Bieber joined their prayer group), but here he is weaving his dark spell on Griffin.

More concerning, however, was the presence of several members of the New England Patriots, including star tight end Rob Gronkowski. Of course, Biebs just had get a piece of the Gronk.

If anyone is powerful enough to stave off the Bieber Curse it's Gronk, but we'll be watching the Patriots' next game very closely, just in case...