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28th Mar 2017

WATCH: John Hayes makes ballsy claim about fighting Paul O’Connell

Who are we to argue?


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“Could I win a fight with Paul O’Connell?”

Now there’s a question most people will never ask themselves. Partly because Paulie looks like he was carved out of the side of a mountain and partly because we’ve all seen him go into beast mode for Munster and Ireland.

Nobody in their right mind wants a piece of that. Unless their name is John “The Bull” Hayes.

O’Connell’s former Munster and Ireland team-mate was posed the question on tonight’s episode of The Clubhouse on TV3 and took his time to think about it.

“I suppose he’s younger than me so maybe he’d have that,” Hayes replied thoughtfully, although he certainly wasn’t waving the white flag. “He’d have [a] longer reach, like, but I’d stick in with him, I’d say!”

He also joked that O’Connell would “fight dirty” but said he’d be expect nothing less! You can watch his deliberations in full in this sneak preview from tonight’s show.

Speaking on the same show, Hayes also spoke about his famous tears when England came to Croke Park 10 years ago. The sight of Hayes crying during the anthems has become an iconic image in Irish rugby and one of the defining moments of his career in some ways.

He was quick to dispel any notions that he was an emotional player. Although he admitted that the enormity of the occasion and the importance of the game got to him on the day.

It’s hard to blame him, given the historic nature of the game in question. Although he may not thank them for discussing what he was up to in the dressing room before the match!

The next episode of The Clubhouse will be aired on TV3 at 10.30pm tonight. 

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Brought to you by TV3. 

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