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07th Oct 2023

Rob Kearney in stitches as Peter O’Mahony delivers emphatic post-match interview

Patrick McCarry

O’Mahony barely even blinked once.

Following Ireland’s 36-14 shellacking of Scotland, at Stade de France, Peter O’Mahony gave a nice, pleasant interview with ITV when he paid tribute to his family and friends.

Over on Virgin Media, who got hold of the 100-cap man for a chat next, he was a different beast. The poor Scots got ripped to shreds, all over again.

O’Mahony had come up with seven thumping tackles and two lineout steals during his 47 minutes on the pitch. By the time he, and four other packmates, were called ashore, Ireland had victory in the bag.

In his post-match chat with Tommy Martin, on Virgin Media, Peter O’Mahony delivered the goods yet again.

Peter O'Mahony

Peter O’Mahony takes cut off Scots

Peter O’Mahony, now looking ahead to his 101st Ireland cap against New Zealand, next Saturday, started off his chat by saying it was one of his side’s ‘most complete’ performances.

“We’ll have bigger fish to fry,” he added. The Scots may be ranked fifth in the world but Ireland are now looking past them to another World Cup date with the All Blacks.

Blair Kinghorn, who won his 50th Scotland cap against Ireland, in that losing cause, had raised the ire of Andy Farrell’s players by saying their winning streak ‘will end on Saturday’.

On the set-to that kicked off after Ollie Smith tried to trip Johnny Sexton, O’Mahony argued ‘that’s part and parcel of the game’.

“They were in the press, beforehand, saying they were going to knock us off our winning streak, and how they had figured and worked us out. I don’t think they did tonight.”

Rob Kearney reaction

As Peter O’Mahony went off to enjoy the ’60, 70 minutes’ of post-match celebrations and craic in the Ireland dressing room, Rob Kearney had a great reaction to his interview.

“You’d swear someone had gone and sprayed a load of slurry over Pete’s garden, the way he’s carrying on!

“It’s good to see – they take this stuff personally.”

“Old school is still the best school, sometimes.”

Never a truer word.


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