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06th Oct 2023

Peter O’Mahony went up another step in our estimations after 100th cap comments

Lee Costello

Peter O'Mahony

“It’s almost a little bit embarrassing.”

Peter O’Mahony “never dreamed” that he would reach 100 caps for Ireland, but this Saturday against Scotland at the Rugby World Cup, that’s exactly what he is going to do.

The Munster veteran will become only the tenth Ireland international to reach that milestone when he runs out onto the Stade de France.

The 34-year-old flanker admits that he is almost uncomfortable joining that list of incredible players who represented his country throughout the years.

“I’m still surprised no matter what the year. When I look at the people who have got to 100 [caps], it’s almost a little bit embarrassing with the names ahead of me to be honest, people I grew up following and supporting, hugely inspirational characters.

Peter O'Mahony

“To be the 10th, it’s going to take some time to settle in. It’s certainly nothing I ever expected or dreamed of. We all talk about having dreams, but that was way off the radar to be honest.”

Peter O’Mahoney on focusing only on Scotland game

In typical O’Mahony fashion, he does wish that there was less hype and focus on him becoming a centurion, and more on the task at hand.

“I would love to be inside there now having a cup of tea with the lads. This would be last place I’d say I want to be. But I’ve had some texts already and I’m hugely grateful for everyone’s best wishes and that.

“But I want to win for the lads at the weekend, that’s the main thing.”

Peter O'Mahony

How Peter O’Mahony adapted to training as he got older.

Entering the latter stages of his career, the seasoned professional has picked up a thing or two on how to adjust things, so he can still get the best out of himself.

“I have spoken to a few guys who have finished or at the end stage of their careers. You can’t do as much as the young guys do these days – some of the extras they do afterwards and pre-training, I just can’t physically do them.

“So I need to use sessions as diligently as I can to get as much fitness, ball-play, whatever. I need to get that in the session really as I’m pushing on a bit. It’s changed in a few of those dynamics, stuff in the gym where a few years ago I would have been flying.

“But you just need to manage the body a bit more. The main thing for me is Saturday – it’s getting yourself ready and prepared for a test match.

“There are certainly adjustments that need to be made, and I’ve had some good S&C [strength and conditioning] guys and coaches who have looked after me down the years.

“It’s about me being physically able to play at the weekend and in the best possible nick, then I’m normally in a good place. A lot of times the tendency in bigger weeks is to do more, because you think it’s a bigger week and we’ve got to get to get through more.

“But what we’ve learned over time is that less is more at times, to keep the juice in the legs. That’s an analogy I’ve used a bit more as I’ve got older.”

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