WATCH: Irish legend Brian O'Driscoll has a go at wheelchair rugby 1 year ago

WATCH: Irish legend Brian O'Driscoll has a go at wheelchair rugby

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"I'm going to be screaming tomorrow in the upper-arm area!"

No matter what sport you're into, one of the best aspects of it has nothing to do with the game itself. Being part of a team and pushing yourself not only helps keep you in a better place physically, but can have a major impact on your mental wellbeing as well.

When young Tallaght woman Ciara Staunton suffered a spinal injury in a car crash in 2006, she became paralysed from the neck down. While an injury of this nature is always going to be life changing, it doesn't have to mean giving up what you love.

Nearly 13 years on, she's showing Brian O'Driscoll the ropes in wheelchair rugby. Just like everyone else who plays this incredibly fast-paced and physical sport, she certainly wasn't going to hold back!


As part of their campaign to tell the incredible stories of communities getting together through exercise, Gym+Coffee Head of Community Brian O'Driscoll visited the Laois Lions. One of several clubs across Ireland, the support and sense of community they provide is every bit as important as the fitness side of things.

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Brought to you by Gym+Coffee