Andrew Trimble heaps huge praise on two of Ireland's youngest players 1 year ago

Andrew Trimble heaps huge praise on two of Ireland's youngest players

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Andrew Trimble has said that former teammate Jacob Stockdale has become the go-to player in the Irish backline.

Stockdale scored his 12th try in just 14 caps against the All Blacks on Saturday and Trimble, who spent one season with Stockdale at Ulster, said that he stood out above the rest in the All Blacks win.

"Jacob is the standout back anyway," Trimble said on the latest episode of House of Rugby.

"He's becoming Ireand's go to man in the air so you've got [Rob] Kearney and Jacob there, [Keith] Earlsy is big in the air as well for not being that tall, he's powerful and he gets high, so Jacob was very good. I thought he was the standout back, although big performances all around. He was just slightly more brilliant than the rest of them."

Meanwhile in the forwards Trimble reserved special praise for both flanker Peter O'Mahony and lock James Ryan.

"In the pack I thought Peter O'Mahony was ridiculous and with James Ryan... I've just been thinking I'm a big Iain Henderson fan, and I still am, and I'm always going to go 'but Hendy can do that, Hendy can do that' and he still can, and I just thought that's a bandwagon.

"Myself and Darren Cave were commentating for the BBC at the weekend and Cavey summed it up and said 'there's been a James Ryan bandwagon for the last year and as Ulstermen we've been reluctant to get on it but we're fully on board now. It was incredible.

"He just carries and carries and carries and he looks equally as dynamic every single time."