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NiQuitin 2019 Terms & Conditions

  1. The closing date for entries is Midnight, Jan 31st, 2019 or such late date as may be advised on this website or on,, and
  2. All entries must be accompanied by contact details of entrants.
  3. All entrants agree to be bound by the rules of the competition; failure on the part of any entrant to adhere to any or all of these rules will render the entry in question invalid. Maximum Media reserves the right to disqualify any contestant for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion.
  4. One team entry per household. A team comprises two people.
  5. No purchase is necessary.
  6. Prize is subject to availability/may be substituted. No cash alternative/prize is non-refundable/non-transferable.
  7. If selected, each team must coordinate with Maximum Media for the duration of the 10 week challenge.
  8. The participants will be obliged to post weekly social photos/updates on their Instagram/Twitter social pages of their progress and activities.
  9. The 8 teams chosen will be available on weekends during the 10 week period to participate in challenges.
  10. Contestants must be available to travel for the VO2 testing w/c 4th February at location TBC and launch event on February 9th 2019 in a Dublin location TBC, which will include photography and video recording for publicity purposes.
  11. The winning team (comprising 2 participants) will win a holiday up to the value of €2000. The prize is the equivalent value of €1000 per person. Each winner will receive the prize of up to the value of a €1000 holiday.
  12. The results of the winning team will be announced in May 2019 on JOE & Her social channels.
  13. The winning team will be obliged to post updates/photos on their social pages to announce their results.
  14. Unless otherwise stated the promoter of competitions on the site is &
  15. The promoter accepts no liability for lost/damaged/incomplete entries.
  16. Proof of entry is not proof of delivery.
  17. The winners will need to sign a statement of eligibility/liability/publicity release.
  18. Third party T&Cs may apply.
  19. Details of entries will be kept on a database and may be used and passed to third parties to enable the processing of completion/prize fulfilment/publicity where the entrant has consented to share this information with other companies for marketing. Please refer to our privacy policy here
  20. To the extent as permitted by Irish law, the promoter excludes all liability for any loss in connection with the competition.
  21. Prize winners may be required to participate in publicity (photographs, interviews quotations etc). No fee will be paid. Winners will be compensated for any costs that arise for any challenges they partake in.
  22. All contestants must be available for final V02 testing after the 10 week challenge, from April 29th to May 6th. Contestants must be available to attend the 10 week challenge final if required in a Dublin location on a date in May TBC. This event may include photography and video recording for publicity purposes.
  23. Copyright of all original material entered in this competition is retained by the author. By submitting an entry, participants grant to NiQuitin and Maximum Media, the right to reproduce the entry (in full or in part or in modified form) on the website or in such other publication or medium, now in existence or yet to be devised, as NiQuitin or Maximum Media might nominate, without payment. Without limitation to the foregoing, the previously mentioned parties can assign or dispose of their rights to third parties, with no fee payable to the entrants.
  24. NiQuitin and Maximum Media reserve the right to amend, withdraw or terminate the competition or alter the specification of the competition without prior notice should that specified be unavailable for reasons beyond their control.
  25. Notwithstanding that the winners may have been declared, if NiQuitin or Maximum Media discover before the distribution of prizes that for any reason under these rules a winner should have been ineligible to enter the competition or if the entry should have been declared invalid. E.g. Use of a false name or address by a competition entrant, a name by which the entrant is not usually known, NiQuitin and Maximum Media reserve the right to determine that a contestant(s) is disqualified.
  26. Advertised prizes may be replaced with prizes of equal or greater value at the discretion of NiQuitin, prizes are also non-transferable, and will only be awarded to the prize winner.
  27. NiQuitin and Maximum Media will ensure that all prizes are delivered within 60 days of winning. Where this is not possible, the winner(s) will be notified of a delay.
  28. When, due to circumstances beyond our control, a prize is not available, NiQuitin and Maximum Media reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal value.
  29. Canvassing of adjudicators will result in automatic disqualification.
  30. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the judging process and the decision of the judges will be final.
  31. Shortlisting will be carried out by Maximum Media. The final adjudication panel will comprise of representatives from  Maximum Media.
  32. Criteria for judging entries:
  • Entrants must be over 18 years
  • Entrants must be a resident of Ireland
  • Reasons for wanting to quit smoking will be taken into consideration.
  • Why the entrant and the group want to take part in the challenge will be taken into consideration.
  • The teams must be available each weekend during the 10 week challenge to participate in a weekly challenge.
  • Each participant will need to be physically healthy to participate in the 10 week challenge.
  • Each participant must have a public social media page (Twitter or Instagram) that they will use during the 10 week challenge to post their updates and progress weekly.

Prizes are:


The Winning Team (2 Participants)

Holiday up to the value of €2000

Each individual Participant on the winning team will win:

Holiday up to the value of €1000

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