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27th Feb 2017

WATCH: Unlucky former UFC fighter loses via extremely rare one-punch finish

Imagine if this had happened when McGregor fought Aldo

Ben Kiely

You would be absolutely sickened… once the blinding pain subsided.

There is a saying in life that as long as you put all your effort into something, you can never fail at it.

Well, tell that to Brazilian mixed martial artist Luis Dutra who ended up losing his last fight through the most helpless and devastating of circumstances.

Dutra had a two-fight stint in the UFC. He was cut after being brutally knocked out by Tom Breese which followed his disqualification loss to Kiichi Kunimoto.

His bout against Abubakar Vagaev at the WFCA 34 event in Moscow was over before it ever had a chance of getting started. It was a one-punch finish, but not in the conventional sense. There was no knockout.

Seconds after the opening buzzer sounded, Dutra threw the first blow of the fight. His overhand right caught nothing but air as Vagaev played the role of the matador and side-stepped his way out of danger. Dutra’s knees immediately buckled and he sat backwards on the canvas screaming in pain after dislocating his shoulder.

The referee stood in to award his opponent what’s likely to be the least satisfying victory of his career.

Don’t worry about the Russian fight fans who paid to attend the event. Although they were let down with the co-headliner, the main event more than made up for it.

Maxim Grishin got the fans on their feet with his seismic head kick knockout of Matej Batinic. Check out the beautiful finish below.

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