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22nd Mar 2016

WATCH: UFC commentator Jon Anik wants Conor McGregor to vacate his featherweight title

Do you agree?

Darragh Murphy

This is one of the hottest talking points in all of MMA right now.

Is it fair for Conor McGregor to hold up the title frame at 145 lbs or should the champion be forced to either defend or vacate his title?

The argument for McGregor being allowed to fight at higher weight classes is that he is the biggest name in the sport and should be given free rein to fight in whatever division he wishes. Add to that the fact that former champion Jose Aldo only defended the featherweight title once or twice a year during his reign.

The argument against is that the 145 lb division could well go stale while fighters like Aldo, Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway know that there is no title shot on the horizon as the champion is up at welterweight competing in big-money fights. Plus the amount of weight that ‘The Notorious’ cuts to make featherweight is reportedly becoming an issue.

UFC 196 McGregor vs. Diaz Press Conference

UFC commentator Jon Anik definitely subscribes to the latter theory as, ahead of last weekend’s UFC Brisbane card, he explained that he would prefer to see McGregor vacate his title and never return to 145 lbs.

“In terms of the featherweight division, I’m never a fan of guys cutting a bunch of weight,” Anik said.

“You’re seeing what Robert [Whittaker] has been able to do at 185 lbs even though he was very successful at 170 lbs.  I don’t like guys cutting too much weight, so I’d kind of like to see Conor vacate the title and fight at 155 lbs or higher going forward.”

Video via Submission Radio