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20th Feb 2016

WATCH: Royce Gracie v Ken Shamrock ends in controversy, but that’s not why it was depressing

Aw man

Ben Kiely

Cheers for the freak show, Bellator. Now everyone who watched it is in desperate need of a shower.


You weren’t wrong, Andre. Kimbo Slice v Dada 5000 was horrid and undoubtedly the lowpoint of the night, but that doesn’t mean the main event between two actual MMA legends wasn’t also incredibly difficult to watch.

The headline bout saw Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock, who have a collective age of 101, slug it out for… well, either for the payday or the fear of turning their backs on the sport. Both possibilities are pretty heart-breaking, when you think about it.

Thankfully, the fight was relatively short as Gracie got the win by finishing his opponent with ground and pound in the first round. There was some controversy however, as it appeared as though Shamrock was hit in the groin during a clinch before being taken down to the mat.

After the referee intervened and called the fight to a halt, Shamrock pleaded his case but to no avail. You can check out the full fight in the video embedded below.