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29th Jan 2016

WATCH: Reebok executive loses bet and Chris Weidman absolutely mangles the poor lad’s leg

He went full Rizzo, never go full Rizzo

Darragh Murphy

Chris Weidman doesn’t mess around.

The former UFC middleweight champion was the punishment that the head of sports marketing for Reebok’s partnership with the UFC had to deal with for losing a bet to esteemed MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.

Kevin Brochu came out second best in a wager with Helwani and the penalty was to take a leg kick from Weidman.

One would have thought that ‘The All-American’ would have gone maybe 10% or 20% on Brochu who presumably had never been kicked in the leg by a professional mixed martial artist, let alone one who walks around at over 200 lbs.

But Weidman made sure to leave his mark on the thigh of Brochu who was lucky not to have his femur broken by the well-worn shin of the man who dethroned the G.O.A.T.