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14th Feb 2016

WATCH: Michael Bisping’s coach left with sore jaw as ‘The Count’ misjudges spinning wheel kick


Darragh Murphy

Lesson one of hitting pads is to actually hit the pads.

Michael Bisping must have thought he had his taller coach with him this week as he misjudged a spinning wheel kick during his open workout this week in Torrance, California.

Former pro boxer Jason Parillo was on the receiving end of the Taekwondo technique as ‘The Count’ landed about six inches above the target.

To be fair, Parillo took the shot to the jaw like a champ and, if not for the glory of replays, we might have thought that our eyes had been fooled on first viewing.

But no, he was definitely kicked in the head.

Here’s hoping that Bisping’s accuracy improves prior to his meeting with middleweight legend Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC London.