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25th Jul 2015

VIDEO: UFC light heavyweight goes hilariously over the top with Reebok gear at weigh-ins

Five tops and three pairs of shorts

Darragh Murphy

One of our biggest worries about the controversial UFC/Reebok deal came with wondering how Tom Lawlor would cope at weigh-ins.

Lawlor is one of the biggest characters in the sport and regularly makes the weigh-ins with his costume choices over the years which have varied from emulating MMA legend Dan Severn to wearing a KFC bucket on his head.

So there were curious eyes on the weigh-ins for UFC Chicago to see how Lawlor would counteract the Reebok rules but Filthy went the other way and overindulged on the gear.

Lawlor had to remove five t-shirts and three pairs of shorts as he did his damnedest to be the most memorable fighter to take to the scales last night.

Good effort Tom, good effort.