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21st Feb 2016

VIDEO: This was Kimbo Slice’s response to his Bellator 149 victory

Tom Victor

Kimbo Slice claimed “losing is not an option”, following his heavily criticised Bellator bout against Dada 5000.

The match-up was described as “one of the worst” by some fans, while Dada left the cage in an oxygen mask and was said to be in critical condition after the bout (his condition has since improved to ‘stable’).

“I’m that type of fighter. I’m not going to never, never just give up in a fight,” the victor explained in a press conference after Bellator 149

“As long as I can breathe, and I get back to my feet, we’re going to go.”

The heavyweight is now two for two in Bellator, even though he looked noticeably deflated even in victory against his childhood friend.

“You’ve got to really just beat the hell out of me in there. I never just give up,” he added.

“I don’t care if you’ve got a submission, you’re going to have to break it. If you got a neck, you’re going to have to choke me out, put me to sleep.

“And if you got better hands, you’re going to have to knock me out. It’s silly for the ref to stop it.

Watch the full thing from 13:50 in the following video: