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18th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Sex before fighting question actually breaks Kimbo Slice

Where's the restart button?

Ben Kiely

Oh no, the Kimbo is on the fritz again.

All of a sudden, the pros and cons of having sex before fighting has become a hot topic in the MMA world after Emmanuel Newton claimed that bumping uglies a few hours before his fight against Phil Davis actually hindered his performance (in the fight).

Newton’s colleague Kimbo Slice is taking on Dada 5000 this weekend at the absolutely insane Bellator 149 card and in the build up to the fight, he was quizzed about his stance on sex before fighting. Slice couldn’t physically formulate a coherent answer to the question and which made for a massively entertaining exchange between interviewer and fighter.

Kimbo Slice’s policy on sex before fights. #youknow

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Just in case you didn’t quite catch that, here’s the full transcript:

Interviewer: “Are you a big believer in no sex before fighting?”

Kimbo: “Yeah man, I still believe that man, because, I mean, I do my thing, but, you know what I’m saying? Hahaha I know, you know, you know, (pitch increases) you know, you know haha you gotta, you know, (speed and pitch increases) you know what I’m saying, you know what I’m talking about man.”

Interviewer: “I have a vague idea what you’re talking about.”