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01st Feb 2016

VIDEO: Sage Northcutt ignores detractors to post thank you message to fans after shocking defeat

Nice touch

Kevin McGillicuddy

He’ll be back.

Sage Northcutt got a harsh lesson in the reality that all the muscles in the world won’t help you when you can’t defend properly in MMA.

The buffest body in UFC was cut down to size by Bryan Barberena at 170lbs on Saturday night to suffer his first ever professional loss.

The former karate champion was caught in an arm-triangle and, despite many fans feeling that he could have done an awful lot better, Northcutt tapped out.

But despite the loss, the experience is sure to be a massive learning curve for the 19-year-old.

Northcutt took some serious heat on Twitter afterwards, including some from fighters who really should know better, but at least we know that his jaw seems to be fine as he’s posted a Twitter message to all his fans to say thanks for the support, while zipping around on a hoverboard and shooting some hoops.

The message would have been a little bit better if he’d made the shot.