VIDEO: Marlon Moraes' brutal knockout proves leg kicks can win fights 7 years ago

VIDEO: Marlon Moraes' brutal knockout proves leg kicks can win fights

Cecil Peoples must be feeling pretty silly right about now.

Arguably the worst judge in MMA history famously claimed to have scored a fight in favour of Shogun Rua because his opponent Lyoto Machida wasn't trying to finish the fight... on account of all the leg kicks he was throwing.


Thankfully, with the MMA community being that little bit more knowledgeable about the sport nowadays, any MMA fan worth their salt knows that leg kicks can be absolutely devastating. And yes, they can indeed win fights.

That's exactly what WSOF bantamweight champion Marlon Moraes managed to do during his title defence against Joseph Barajas on Saturday night.

Moraes punished the challenger with thudding kicks and just over a minute into the opening round, he connected with a thunderous kick which caused Barajas to grab his knee and come crashing down to the canvas. The champion was quick to pounce on him and but before he could land anything of note, referee John McCarthy put Barajas out of his misery and awarded Moraes the TKO win.


The victory improved Moraes' record to 16-4-1 and saw him extend his win streak to 11. It is rumoured that the 135 lb star has one fight left on his contract. We think we speak for everybody when we say we hope the UFC are doing everything in their power to lure this monster to the big leagues.