VIDEO: Creed director tells us he'd love to have Conor McGregor for next Rocky installment 7 years ago

VIDEO: Creed director tells us he'd love to have Conor McGregor for next Rocky installment

Rocky and 'The Notorious' together at last.

Conor McGregor has already signed up for his Hollywood debut, in Vin Diesel's upcoming xXx film, but this would be sensational.


Ryan Coogler, director of Creed, believes McGregor would be great in the next series of the Rocky film series.

Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan, is the first film featuring Rocky Balboa [played by Sylvester Stallone] where he is not the main character. The story focuses on Adonis Creed and his world title fight against Ricky Conlan [played by English boxer Tony Bellew].

Eoghan Doherty from caught up with the cast of Creed, this week, and asked Coogler if he would be interested in getting Irish fighters involved with any planned Creed sequel.

"That would be amazing," the director declared. "What's up with your boy Conor McGregor? What about him?" Coogler added,


"He's awesome. Awesome. I just want to see those [UFC] fighters get more exposure, you know what I mean.

"They have such great entertainers in the UFC. I just want to see them being exposed even more." 

Check out Coogler's interview here [go to 3:25 for McGregor comments].

McGregor watched an awful lot of Rocky movies in the lead-up to his stunning, 13-second KO of Jose Aldo at UFC 194.


At one stage, when referring to Ronda Rousey's loss to Holly Hom, McGregor remarked: "[Ronda] had a lot on her plate and it showed in the contest.

"Holly came out of the dark - in the shadows - and that can help a person. Have you ever seen Rocky 3? Rocky was doing ads and doing talk shows and doing this and doing that while Clubber Lang was coming up in the shadows, hungry. I felt maybe that was a reference to that fight.

"I’m like Rocky. I have it all, I do it all.

"But then I’m still training like Clubber. I’m still putting in that Clubber Lang work. I’m still grinding and still hungry. I think I’m right in a nice little balance."


Make this happen Hollywood.