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30th Jan 2016

UFC fighter compares Conor McGregor to Donald Trump

Tom Victor

Conor McGregor has now been likened to US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The comparison came from Josh Barnett, former UFC heavyweight champion who was stripped of his title after testing positive for banned substances.

Barnett, who returned to the UFC in 2013, drew comparisons with the “inane stuff” that comes out of Trump’s mouth.

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“[McGregor is] pushing the buttons, and making sure you care about him even if the majority of it is hate,” Barnett told MMAJunkie.

“I mean, people are really jazzed about (Donald) Trump, because he just opens his mouth constantly and says just idiotic, ugh, just inane stuff.

“To me, it’s almost so over the top that I almost don’t believe that he really believes that. I think he might be trolling a bunch of people.”