UFC Dublin star Reza Madadi recounts how he saved a drowning child 7 years ago

UFC Dublin star Reza Madadi recounts how he saved a drowning child

Norman Parke's opponent for UFC Dublin today opened up about how he once saved the life of a father and son in Sweden.

Iranian-born fighter Reza Madadi was speaking at the 3Arena on his return to the sport, having been sidelined from fighting for over two and a half years after being found guilty of aggravated robbery in Sweden.


Madadi confirmed that prior to his stint in the slammer, he saved a toddler from drowning in the Swedish capital.

"The weather was very nice in Stockholm. I was out with my friend and I saw a German father walk past with his two kids. One of them put the little 2-year old kid beside him. He didn't see the kid drop (into the water) and, of course, I jump and I save them. The father jumped in too and got panicked and he couldn't swim so I saved him also."

He revealed that a crowd had gathered where the incident took place, but the fighter was reluctant to pose for photos.

"People wanted to take pictures and I said no. I didn't do it to show the media, so no picture. There was one UFC fan there. He took a picture with me 10 minutes before I saved the kid."


When pressed about why he chose to risk his life to save the strangers, Madadi didn't hesitate with his response.

"Of course (my instinct took over), we're all human. Unfortunately, I have a bad reputation, media label me 'bad guy' and 'bad boy' I'm fine with that, no problem. But, I'm willing to give my life to save somebody else's."

Life-saver Madadi will be looking to end Norman Parke's UFC career when the two throw down in UFC Dublin's co-main event on Saturday.