Tony Bellew nails it with another detail about the man who hit McGregor from behind 4 years ago

Tony Bellew nails it with another detail about the man who hit McGregor from behind

McGregor wasn't just attacked unaware whilst he was recovering from a fight, he was attacked with bare knuckles.

There two types of people in this world, those who like post-UFC 229 scuffles, and those who don't.


If only life were that simplistic, things would be a lot easier. But in saying that, there was a lot of mixed reaction to the events which occurred in the direct aftermath to Khabib Nurmagomedov's submission victory over Conor McGregor.

To those who were under a rock, or merely asleep at the ungodly hour of 6.15am, the Dagestani fighter decided to celebrate his fourth round UFC 229 win over the Irishman by taunting him briefly and then launching himself over the walls of the Octagon in a bid to confront McGregor's team.

It was a total mess in truth. There were sucker punches thrown, people pushed around and worst of all, Drake was scared.

Some people loved it all. The drama, the skirmishes, the sheer, unadulterated sense that you were watching a really high-end, glossy version of a fight outside of a chip shop at 3am on a Saturday night. It had it all.


One of those that was in their element was none other than heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, who reacted to the action by tweeting:

"Excellent aftermath of the UFC tonight all is fair in love and war."


This was markedly different to the reaction of another boxer, Liverpudlian Tony Bellew, who was far less enthused with what he had just witnessed, particularly the behaviour Khabib.

He said: "This coward jumping the cage is a disgrace! The bus has been and gone! This man has just been in a very hard fight and this man has just tried to steal it on him with a bare knuckle! He’s a coward whoever he is! An absolute DOG! UFC have to deal with this!"


So, there you go, horses for courses and all that.