Stoppages don't come much more controversial than Ben Askren's victorious UFC debut 4 years ago

Stoppages don't come much more controversial than Ben Askren's victorious UFC debut

Dana White's comments on this are going to be interesting...

Ben Askren and his new boss are never going to be the best of friends and the UFC newcomer expects White to complain about Askren's first win in the Octagon.


Controversy surrounded Askren's submission victory over former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler on the main card of UFC 235 on Saturday night as referee Herb Dean waved the fight off despite the fact that Lawler hadn't tapped and appeared conscious.

It was the way that Lawler's right hand fell at one point during a bulldog choke from Askren that seemingly led Dean to intervene but 'Ruthless' popped straight back to his feet to protest the decision.

In fairness to Lawler, he couldn't have dealt with the defeat any better as he accepted Dean's mistake, congratulated Askren and even applauded respectfully when the official result was announced.


Up to the point of the bulldog choke, Lawler enjoyed tremendous success as he countered an early takedown attempt from 'Funky' by slamming him on his head and bloodied Askren up with typically brutal ground and pound.

A rematch is probably the fairest outcome and Lawler will likely push for it, while Askren didn't pass up the opportunity to express his personality after his undefeated professional record was kept intact.

"What I want to know is how long until Dana bitches about that stoppage?" Askren asked in his post-fight interview. "Is it going to be quick?


"And I've got one other question. Hey, Dana. Is that really the best you've got? Bring them, baby.

"I was actually kind of shocked by the stoppage but Herb lifts his hand a couple of times and asked, 'Robbie, are you OK?' Then when nothing happened, I thought he might have been out.


"Guys, you can boo. But I'm not the freaking referee and that's what it all comes down to. Robbie is obviously one of my favourite fighters so it kind of sucked that I had to fight him first.

"I was freaking discombobulated because of that slam. I landed on my head a little bit and it took me a little while to get my wits about me. But I went and executed my gameplan and the 'Funky' show ain't going nowhere."