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31st Jan 2019

We’re still trying to work out the meaning of this question at UFC London press conference

Come again?

Darragh Murphy

What did the reporter want to say?

UFC press conferences typically last less than an hour but the one in London this week ran over because there were plenty of important questions to be asked.

How has Darren Till reacted to the first defeat of his professional career? Why didn’t the UFC go with an all-British clash between Till and Leon Edwards in the UFC London main event? And something about ice and Michael Bisping…

In the build-up to his first fight on UK soil, UFC veteran Jorge Masvidal revealed that he hoped to run into Bisping after his clash with Till in the UFC London headliner and “slap him up.”

There has been no love lost between Masvidal and Bisping since late 2017 and ‘Gamebred’ has his fingers crossed that the former UFC middleweight champion will be in town on March 16 so that he can confront ‘The Count.’

Whether or not that slap comes to fruition remains to be seen but one reporter at Wednesday’s press conference was curious about whether the British weather had affected Masvidal’s animosity towards Bisping.

We’ve transcribed the question in the hope that you can work out its meaning.

Reporter: “OK, Jorge. Has the actual journey over here – considering how icy it is and how cold it is – has it basically given you new perspective on Bisping? Is that still somebody who you want to slap as soon as you are back on UK soil or has the weather turned your mind ever so slightly?”
Masvidal: “I think I misunderstood. You asked did the weather change my feelings about Bisping?”
Reporter: “Yeah.”
Masvidal: “How so?”
Reporter: “Well it’s kind of icy. I would have thought it might kind of make you reconsider, considering how cold it is.”

Ever the pro, Masvidal actually managed to get something out of the question by explaining that he still feels hostility towards Bisping, despite the chilly temperature in Britain.