Ronda Rousey still refusing to answer questions about UFC losses 5 years ago

Ronda Rousey still refusing to answer questions about UFC losses

Maybe Ronda Rousey will find scripted losses easier to handle.

It really says a lot that after signing for the WWE, Ronda Rousey is still being asked questions about her UFC losses.


The reason why she's still being quizzed over a year after being brutally knocked out by Amanda Nunes is quite simple - she's never answered any of these questions. Even in the build-up to that fight, she refused to do any media work. This was presumably to avoid facing up to her previous fight, in which she was rendered unconscious by Holly Holm.

In this sense, she is dissimilar to Conor McGregor, who garnered more respect with his reaction to finally being defeated inside the UFC's Octagon. After Nate Diaz beat him to the ground and strangled him at UFC 196, McGregor showed up at the press conference. He fielded every question, credited Diaz for the win and vowed to come back. When they fought again at UFC 202, McGregor took a majority decision.


Rousey spoke with ESPN following the WWE anouncement and of course, the inevitable question came up.

"Do you think about the last couple of fights? Do you think about what happened or have you processed at all the end of the last fight against Amanda or Holly?"

It was clear from her body language that Rousey was completely disinterested in answering this question. Her eyes sank to the floor before she turned her face to look away from the interviewer. After 10 seconds of silence, she finally rejected the question.

"I think I'd just rather not talk about it, right now."


The good news for Rousey is that these types of questions will become less frequent. The pro wrestling media are unlikely to care about her MMA losses as much as the combat sports community.