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10th Jul 2016

PICS: Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar’s faces after their brutal UFC 200 slog

They went at it

Patrick McCarry

For a while there, in the second round, it looked as though the Super Samoan had the measure of Brock Lesnar.

After surviving a punishing first round, in his UFC 200 co-main event with Brock Lesnar, Mark Hunt found his range in the second. He started to land significant strikes and had Lesnar worried.

Lesnar got the contest to the mat in the final round but could not get the fight stopped, despite hammering a conga beat on Hunt’s skull.

Post-fight, Lesnar had a lot of respect for the Kiwi fighter. He said:

“I wanted to finish the fight but the guy has got a coconut head… He’s a tough sum’bitch.”

Both men endured some heavy blows and Hunt, despite winding Lesnar, didn’t do enough to feel aggrieved when all three judges awarded the fight to the WWE star. Images from the dressing rooms and post-fight press conference show just how much damage Lesnar and Hunt did to each other:

Hunt face

Lesnar face

On his Facebook page, Hunt summed up the three-round slog pretty well – ‘Tough nite in the office’.

Mark Hunt

It sure was.