Pic: 51-year-old Ken Shamrock insists PEDs aren't behind his ludicrously shredded physique 8 years ago

Pic: 51-year-old Ken Shamrock insists PEDs aren't behind his ludicrously shredded physique

Despite becoming a granddad for the 11th time on Thursday, MMA legend Ken Shamrock's physique has the same dimensions as a superhero.

The UFC veteran is preparing for his headline bout with fellow old man Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138 in June. However, when the 51-year-old posted a photo of his ripped body recently, many feared Shamrock was juicing.


Shamrock claimed that his new-look physique can be attributed to hard-work and genetics and it is definitely not the product of taking any banned substances.

“Hard work and genetics. I think if you’ve watched me throughout my career when I tried to go and pack on weight I’m not as lean."

"When I don’t worry about packing the weight on and I just worry about my cardio, my speed, then I get leaner. And that’s just how my physique has been throughout my career and it’s no different now. I think the difference that you’re seeing now is I’m putting in harder work.”


The UFC pioneer added that he will face Slice with a significant weight disadvantage on fight night. Shamrock explained that his weight will max out at around 215 lbs, while he expects his opponent to be closer to the 240 lbs when they square off inside the cage.

“My ideal weight is usually between 215 and 210. That’s just where I’m at. I try to put weight on; I’m literally trying to put weight on."

"It’s not like I’m satisfied with being at the weight; I’m satisfied with where I’m at and who I am. That’s just where I’m at."

"There’s nothing else I can do. I eat six meals a day; I’m training hard. I’m doing everything I can. The highest I got was 215. When I start training I drop weight again. At one time I was 209 pounds. That’s all I got.”

It looks like Shamrock is going to have to swap the Dolce diet for the Big Country food plan if he hopes to pack on the pounds.

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