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25th Mar 2018

One of the most awkward staredowns in combat sports history

Even the commentator cracked up

Ben Kiely


Have you ever tripped in public, but in an effort to save face, turned the fall into a little dance?

That’s somewhat embarrassing. It may not be as shameful as faceplanting, but anyone who sees it knows exactly what you’re trying to pull. It’s just awkward.

That being said, it could always be worse. Next time you find yourself at the centre of a humiliation, think of the staredown at WFL MMA 2 between Nills van Boord and the aptly-named Dion Staring. These two meatheads tried their utmost to out-alpha each other in the pre-fight ritual, but nobody was budging.

When the two fighters met in the centre for the referee’s instructions, they butted heads. Then, they kept butting heads… and they didn’t stop for about a minute. It was as if the cutman had mistakenly put super glue on their foreheads instead of vaseline.

There’s only so much a man can do while keeping his forehead glued to that of his adversary. While Staring stood his ground, van Noord tried to innovate. After the ring announcer called his name, he changed things up by raising his right hand into the sky. At this point, the commentator began to crack up.

While Staring was being introduced, an eyebrow war ensued. Admittedly, it was a very one-sided eyebrow war instigated and solely participated in by van Noord.

You can find a lot of faults with van Noord’s execution, but you can’t fault the results. He comfortably took a decision victory in the actual fight that took place after the initial staring battle.

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