New Jose Aldo movie sounds like a real tear-jerker 7 years ago

New Jose Aldo movie sounds like a real tear-jerker

It seems that Conor McGregor's seismic Celtic cross didn't just end Jose Aldo's undefeated streak as UFC champion, but it also ruined the launch of his biopic.

The new Jose Aldo biopic Mais forte que o mundo (Stronger than the world) premiered in Brazil this week, but it was pushed back from its initial release date in December.


The film was set for release a week after UFC 194, but the production company decided it was best to wait a little after his 13-second loss to Conor McGregor before showing it to the world, according to MMA Fighting.

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.


However, the movie has been getting genuinely positive reviews and seems like it will genuinely tug on your heart-strings, regardless of whether you're an MMA fan or not - at least according to the film's muse, Jose Aldo.


"I think that, being a fight fan or not, this movie will move you because it’s an emotional story. The first time I watched it I was so excited about my story being told in a movie that I didn’t actually pay attention [laughs]. The second time I watched it, I really paid attention to the story. To look back at the past… It was hard for me, but I overcame everything I went through."

"It’s impossible not to cry. A MMA fan or not, it’s a beautiful movie. It’s my movie so I thought it was wonderful [laughs]. My relationship with my father, a hero and a villain, is really beautiful in the movie."

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JULY 31: Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo of Brazil interacts with fans during a Q&A session before the UFC 190 Rousey v Correia weigh-in at HSBC Arena on July 31, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Any McGregor fans hoping to see a dramatic reenactment of UFC 194's main event will be sorely disappointed as the film ends with Aldo becoming the UFC featherweight champion by defeating Mark Hominick in that huge UFC 129 event in Canada.

However, while the film has already been cut, Aldo believes there's still a few chapters left to tell in his story.


"There’s a huge story to be told in the future. Just like in the Rocky movie, they had a lot of movies. If that happens to me, brother… I think that getting my belt back, this story would be awesome. It would be a great story with me beating up (McGregor) and getting the belt back. My focus is on the belt now. As soon as I get the belt back, defeating Frankie Edgar, I will think what’s next. We do have unfinished business."

You can check out Jose Aldo's interim featherweight title fight against the former UFC lightweight king Frankie Edgar at the landmark UFC 200 event on July 9.