Nate Diaz hits Jose Aldo right where it hurts with these cutting comments 6 years ago

Nate Diaz hits Jose Aldo right where it hurts with these cutting comments

Jose Aldo is a warrior. He was brought up in a tough, impoverished environment in Manaus in Brazil.

With that in mind, Jose Aldo won't enjoy these comments from Nate Diaz.


Aldo had no option but to fight ferociously to escape from this poverty. Brazilian jiu-jitsu proved to be his only means of escape and now the 30-year-old has made a life for himself out of UFC, even having a film made on his highly successful career last year.

“Life showed Aldo some wrong options, and he became a samurai. He worked hard, pursued his dreams, and that’s why, at 29, he was turned into an amazing film,” said Jose Loreto, the actor behind this movie version.

The plucky Brazilian is famed for his courage in the face of adversity. He prides himself on this steely, never say die attitude.


He will therefore be absolutely outraged with Nate Diaz’s latest comments that the Californian made during a special episode of the MMA Hour on Wednesday night. Diaz was characteristically outspoken and this brashness came to a head when launching a stinging attack on Aldo’s character, claiming that Aldo's mentality was all too weak in his fight with McGregor.

“Aldo’s crying about McGregor... I’m like 'bro it’s your fault, you took him on that fucking ride around the world, and let him punk you everywhere'," blasted Diaz.

"You’re responsible (so) what the fuck are you crying for? I don’t even know if he’s crying anymore because he got over it, he probably realised that. I’m like 'bro you just made a star out of that guy', I wish I had somebody I could just run all around the country and slap around, You know what I’m saying, now I’m the most famous guy in the world and all I had to do was slap around this little fucker all around the whole place.

“I don’t mean to disrespect Aldo... but let’s talk the truth here, this is the real hour.” 


Diaz wasn’t finished there, however, and brought Aldo’s character into question again, claiming that the Brazilian and his fellow UFC fighters didn’t have what it took to stand up for themselves when they had UFC championships but weren’t getting anywhere near the same amount of money that is involved in the sport currently.

“Jose Aldo was bitching about it, all these guys who were champions when I was a broke motherfucker, they’re all complaining now that they lost their belts and they’re not champs and complaining that they can’t get what they want and that Conor’s getting all the love.

"I’m like, when you guys were champions, I knew that they were getting paid shit money… I was going off by myself and getting shit money… saying 'fuck the UFC' and all these things and nobody was cutting me… I was sitting there like, 'why is Aldo and Silva and all these guys not speaking up?'

"If I had the belt at that time, by now I’d be a fifty-time millionaire."


You can watch the whole interview below, Diaz begins talking about Aldo from 52’00” onwards.