UFC star Mike Perry's x-rated version of Christmas classic is something else 5 years ago

UFC star Mike Perry's x-rated version of Christmas classic is something else

Mike Perry will be channelling an Orca spirit animal at UFC Winnipeg.

'What is an Orca, you may ask? It is a killer... fucking... whale.' 


That's one of the numerous pearls of wisdom Mike Perry dropped in his portable sauna q & a, which is a must-watch for fans and haters alike.

Mike Perry

Ahead of his bout against Santiago Ponzinibbio on Sunday morning, the incomparable 'Platinum' blessed the masses with hugely entertaining Facebook q & a from his hotel room. Girlfriend, cornerwoman and professional tennis Danielle Nickerson shot the whole thing and relayed fans' comments to the fighter.

At one point, she let Perry know that "Amy keeps sending us lots of love and thumbs up." Perry had an axe to grind with poor Amy though.


"Amy keep tagging me in some stupid-ass videos and then she made sure that when she tagged me in the video she also sent it to me in Messenger. Fucking guy's glove is taped to his face. I seen it a long time ago, Amy. It's fucking stupid."

Mike Perry

The best thing that happened during the q & a was one fan asking if Perry would rap again. He didn't, but he did bust out an X-rated rendition of a Christmas classic that was worth the price of admission.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock.
Your mom sucked my cock.
She liked it a lot.
What you know about that?
I’m the motherfucking man,
and I’m getting paid more than you can
’cause I fuck motherfuckers up with my hands.
I beat their ass quick,
and they cut me a cheque,
and I spend it on my chick.
So, I can’t wait to eat some chicken nuggets –
dip that shit in some ranch and drink some orange juice, man.
I’m so fucking hungry and I’m so fucking thirsty,
I’d love to have some water,
but I have to wait until the morning"

"Giddy up, jingle horse pick up your feet.
Skeet skeet skeet skeet, in your Mom's teet.
And this shit get G rated real quick,
So make sure you don't watch with your kids."


Watch out Kendrick Lamar, you've got competition!