UFC embarrasses itself with move straight out of the WWE play-book 6 years ago

UFC embarrasses itself with move straight out of the WWE play-book

Vince McMahon would have been proud of this...

Summer Kickoff the UFC called it.


And it was a kickoff they got. Not once, but twice.

Ahead of the live broadcast of the UFC's summer schedule press conference, Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier had to be dragged away from former champ Jon Jones after harsh words were exchanged.

Then, during the presser, No.7 ranked lightweight took a charge at No.12 Kevin Lee after his mother's name cropped up in a back and forth.

"I just hope he shows up because I know his mama's got tickets," Lee remarked.


That got Chiesa out of his seat. As both men continued to curse each other out, Lee made an odd comment to security on the stage that suggested what was about to unfold had already been planned. Chiesa said:

To Lee: "Don't you ever talk about my mom. Don't you ever f***ing talk about my mom!

To security: "You might want to get in the middle."

To Lee: "I'm going to smack the f**k out of you right now. Don't you ever talk about my mom. Don't you ever.... "

With that, Chiesa was off running. Lee was up like a light and connected with a solid right before the security staff did their job and separated the pair.

Credit: UFC [via YouTube]
Check out the lack of movement or interest from the rest of the fighters. Chris Weidman [top left] seemed far from impressed. The only one that sold his surprise well was Jon Jones [bottom right].

Holly Holm wasn't buying it.


Following the fracas, Chiesa told FOX Procast:

"As I had two guys holding me back, he landed one nice, flush cheap-shot and, safe to say, that guy couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag."

With Conor McGregor's presence sorely missed in the UFC, many of the fighters are trying to fill the gap.

Lee and Chiesa may have been trying to drum up publicity for the fight but this was plain embarrassing.

They have got their headlines with staged antics but at what cost? We have nothing but respect for the men and women that stepped into the Octagon to test themselves against the very best but antics like last night's at Summer Kickoff were cringe-worthy.


Here is the full video - Chiesa vs. Lee is from 29:45 on: