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27th Jul 2019

“When I got to prison, I thought, ‘What the hell has happened to my life?'” – Michael Bisping

Britain's toughest man talks about his time in prison and Till versus Edwards

Oli Dugmore

Britain’s toughest man talks about his time in prison and Till versus Edwards

Michael Bisping msy have laid down the gloves, but he remains box-office and engaging as ever.

“We’re an island race. It’s just the buzz of being on the frontline. I just love to fight.”

So opens Football Factory with a Danny Dyer monologue. Danny went on to present Deadliest Men, a rundown of the hardest hard-nuts Britain could offer.

None are a touch on former UFC champion Michael Bisping. The first and only Brit to own a strap – proving that at that moment in time, at a weight of 185 pounds, no one in the world could beat Michael Bisping. He is the best fighter Britain has ever produced.

Bisping beat Anderson Silva, a serious contender for the greatest of all time in mixed martial arts. Saved by the bell after a brutal flying knee, he rallied to a decision win. His next victory brought him the belt. On two weeks notice he fought Luke Rockhold, an old rival. Knocked him clean out. Rockhold has not been the same fighter since.

After that, Bisping avenged a humiliating knockout loss to Dan Henderson, still played in highlight reels to this day. In front of his home Manchester crowd, at 5.30am so that pay-per-view buyers in Vegas could watch the broadcast at its usual time, he defended the belt.

How does Bisping rank those three victories? What did he learn from a spell in prison, something he’s never spoken about publicly before? Who’d win a London headliner between Leon Edwards and Darren Till?

Watch our exclusive interview with the The Count: