'If Tony can’t take the Khabib fight, Conor McGregor would make a lot of sense' 3 years ago

'If Tony can’t take the Khabib fight, Conor McGregor would make a lot of sense'

'The Notorious' on the reserve list.

Conor McGregor is hoping to return to UFC fighting action by the end of the year. He is desperately seeking a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov but he may have to wait, and may even have to take another fight while he waits.


The Dubliner was watching UFC 242, on Saturday, as Nurmagomedov successfully defended his lightweight belt be comprehensively defeating interim champ Dustin Poirier.

Following the event, UFC president Dana White praised the headliners for the respect they showed to each other before, during and after their fight. Nurmagomedov praised Poirier for his charitable work and vowed to sell the 'Diamond' t-shirt he put on, after the fight, and give all the money to the American's 'The Good Fight' organisation.


White heard about the gesture and promised to match whatever donation the lightweight champion made.

"It's awesome and I think the sentiment around here was that everyone loves the way Khabib carried himself. The whole thing between him and Conor, I mean you guys were there. After that [UFC 229] press conference, I said, 'I think this is the darkest press conference I've ever been a part of'.

"It was very weird but those two dislike each other that much, I guess. But, at the end of the day, Khabib is a great guy and very respectful."

As for 'The Eagle's next fight, White has no doubt who the perfect, and deserving, opponent should be.

"Yeah, Tony Ferguson is next. He's next in line for the fight, if he accepts the fight.

"We'll see how this thing plays out - when Khabib will fight again and if Tony wants the fight."

White added, "Tony Ferguson gets the next shot. If for whatever reason Tony can’t take the fight or doesn’t want the fight at that time, then we would figure out what was next, but yeah, Conor would make a lot of sense."


From lightweight champion to first reserve in case a No.1 contender does not take a title fight. It has been a strange 18 months for McGregor since the UFC stripped him of his belt.

Still, with Ferguson and Poirier failing to get into The Octagon on four previous occasions, there is a chance that McGregor's next UFC fight could yet be against the dominant Dagestani.