LISTEN: Michael Bisping annihilating very special surprise caller was comedy gold 6 years ago

LISTEN: Michael Bisping annihilating very special surprise caller was comedy gold

Try to engage in a trash-talking battle with Michael Bisping and you're probably going to end up looking like a right mug.

The next challenger to his middleweight throne Yoel Romero has managed to hold his own against the undisputed champion in the trash talk department. The key thing to remember though is that most of these interactions have happened through social media, meaning the Cuban's loose grasp of the English language has been masked.


Romero has had issues with the language barrier before. He was torn to shreds when his call for fight fans to "not forget Jesus" got misinterpreted by the masses as a homosexual slur. He was public enemy number one until there was a general acceptance that it was his pronunciation that made his interview sound a lot more hateful than it was.

However, behind a keyboard, Romero has had no issues taking on 'the Count' in verbal sparring, albeit his well-constructed zings have aroused suspicion of someone else controlling his social media profiles. Even if that is the case, it hasn't stopped the champion from having some fun with the rivalry.

Romero's constant jabbering on the internet has taken its toll on poor Bisping. Nearly every day, the British fighter receives some sort of dig from 'the Soldier of God' and it reached the point where he was growing weary of being trolled.

So he asked Romero to put down his phone and pick up... well, his phone to call into to his SiriusXM show The Countdown to confront him live.


Surprisingly, Romero called his bluff.


The resulting exchange live on air was massively entertaining. Although Romero was incomprehensible, his sheer anger and inability to stop yapping overlayed with Bisping's put-downs made this one of the finer moments in raio this year.

"Hey, have you cleaned up your ass yet? I'm just looking at pictures where you've shit your pants. (laughs maniacally)"

"Hey, hey... go wipe your ass!"

"Shut the fuck up poopypants, for one second. This isn't how a conversation works. Hey, roid-head, lay off the steroids. Lay off the steroids."

Check out the full, bleep-filled interview below.