Ali Abdelaziz issues fiery response to Conor McGregor's UFC 229 statement 5 years ago

Ali Abdelaziz issues fiery response to Conor McGregor's UFC 229 statement

Following his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, Conor McGregor released a statement on Instagram breaking down were the fight was won and lost.

'The Notorious' highlighted what he done wrong, what Khabib did right, and claimed that he is fine with taking on a different opponent, if an immediate rematch isn't on the table.


The three crucial aspects to take from McGregor's post were;

  • No proper stand-up sparring
  • Grappling training was 'too defence-minded'
  • Recovery was 'not where it could have been'

You can see the whole post below.


McGregor broke down the fight round-by-round in what was viewed by many as a very classy statement regarding UFC 229.

It will be of no surprise however, to hear that Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz has now hit back hard at the Dubliner. Abdelaziz rebuttled McGregor's breakdown with a round-by-round account of his own.

The head of Dominance MMA tore into McGregor claiming he was a weak soul who is making excuses for his defeat.


"This is my response to this weak soul, him and his sorry ass team already making some stupid-ass excuses."


Abdelaziz also claimed that Khabib showed McGregor mercy by making him tap out when he did.

"God put mercy in Khabib's heart and decided to show the world you're a tap machine and put on a neck crank that wasn’t even a choke.

"The proper technique is 2 on 1 try to peel the arm and defend the neck crank. You put your two hands on the ground and your hand only came up when you were ready to tap."


The much maligned manager then refuted claims that McGregor will get a rematch, telling the Irishman to go open a liquor store (a clear reference to his Proper 12 whiskey) and shut the f**k up.

"If you can't make us $100M we know you can't go fight somebody else because your ass is not getting a rematch.

"Go open a liquor store and focus on selling alcohol especially after all the sh*t you talked. Just stfu and move on."

You can see Ali Abdelaziz's statement in full below.