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22nd Dec 2015

Jose Aldo’s coach believes Conor McGregor got lucky at UFC 194

"I think it was lucky"

Ben Kiely

Andre Pederneiras is clearly not a believer of the Ido Portal effect.

Jose Aldo’s coach believes that his fighter may have been too confident going into his grudge match against Conor McGregor at UFC 194.

Dede wheeled out an old adage to Brazilian outlet Combate, essentially saying that Aldo was in such good shape that it actually hindered his performance on the night.

“I wouldn’t say anxious. Maybe overconfident, because he was really well. He was so confident in the victory he (thought) ‘I’ll throw (my hand) and will catch him’.

“It’s a split-second decision. Or you attack, or you get out. He decided to attack, and the other guy threw a counter to defend. He attacked, but moving in a way to stop (Aldo’s) attack.”

He did not cite McGregor’s mental warfare in the build-up to the fight having any impact on its outcome, but he explained that Aldo’s overconfidence may have allowed the Notorious to land a “lucky punch” to score the knockout win.

“How can you say a superchampion like Aldo made a wrong decision? If you analyze the fight, Aldo threw the first straight, a fake straight, and McGregor threw his punch and it wouldn’t land on Aldo’s chin, but on his head.”

“But Aldo moves up, moves his chin up, and (the punch) lands on his chin. McGregor wanted to land on his head. And with Aldo moving up, McGregor can’t say he calculated to hit right there.”

Pederneiras then reiterated his point that everything he saw during the brief fight made him think that McGregor planning that punch was extremely unlikely.

“He will say this, but it’s something hard to say, especially because if Aldo goes in and throws his punch, it wouldn’t have landed. However, he was happy. Let’s say it wasn’t a lucky punch, he programmed that, but the way it connected on his chin when he moved forward, I think it was lucky.”