Joe Rogan reveals scary information about Rafael Dos Anjos' July weight cut 5 years ago

Joe Rogan reveals scary information about Rafael Dos Anjos' July weight cut

Mixed martial arts is not even close to solving the problems associated with weight cutting.

The UFC has implemented a new policy whereby fighters step on the scales in the morning on the day before fight night rather than wait until later in the evening for the broadcast weigh-ins where over 20 fighters have to be exactly on weight for a thirty minute window.


The new system is a lot safer and allows fighters more time to rehydrate but it's still not perfect.

Fighters will still try to attempt to get every advantage possible by depleting themselves to as low a weight as they physically can before piling on upwards of 20lbs in a matter of hours.

Conor McGregor 18/7/2014

It's not natural and it's astounding that it's not yet claimed a life in the UFC, the organisation with the most eyes on it.


Fighters in other promotions have not been so lucky and last year, ONE Championship altered their weigh-in protocol after 21-year-old Yang Jian Bing passed away following complications related to a failed weight cut.

Awareness has never been higher about the danger of weight cutting than it is in 2016 but fighters continue to put their lives at risk to gain an edge in combat and a tragedy in the UFC could well occur.

UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan this week revealed that then-lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos was so depleted on his way down to 155lbs in July for his title fight with Eddie Alvarez that he lost consciousness for three minutes.

The revelation came on Monday's edition of the Joe Rogan Experience when the host was joined by former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.


If fighters fail to rehydrate properly then by the time the fight rolls around, the fluid that protects their brain may not have fully returned and it can make them more susceptible to knockouts, concussions and lasting brain injury.

Who knows if the weight cut played a part in his knockout defeat to Eddie Alvarez but considering Rogan's insight into the Brazilian's preparation, it seems entirely likely.