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11th Apr 2016

Full details of what caused doctors to rush Joao Carvalho to hospital after Dublin event revealed

His condition changed very rapidly

Ben Kiely

The medical staff at Total Extreme Fighting 1 fully observed the post-fight protocol on Joao Carvalho before he was rushed to hospital.

The Portuguese fighter is in a very serious condition in hospital following his TKO loss to Charlie Ward at the promotion’s inaugural event in the National Stadium on Saturday.

Eventmed provided the medical staff and paramedics for the event. Eventmed owner Katarzyna Michlic explained to SevereMMA’s Peter Carroll that the fight doctor’s checked on Carvalho between each round, and he showed no signs of being seriously hurt.

“He was asked where he was, what round he was going in to and what day of the week it was, and all of his answers were perfect.”

Michlic confirmed that when the medics checked the fighter following the third round knockout, they found he was bleeding from his nose and feeling tired, but wasn’t suffering from headaches or feeling pain.

However, although he seemed fine immediately after the fight, Carvalho took a turn for the worse backstage in the medical room.

“At this stage, the fighter was walking, talking and smiling. Everything seemed perfectly fine. After he walked back to the medical room the doctors did some tests backstage and there was nothing out of the ordinary about their results. They prepared the ambulance to take him to the hospital.”

“Ten minutes later he started complaining that he was suffering from headaches. He felt a lot of nausea and he began to vomit. Five minutes later he was significantly worse so we got him into the ambulance and rang the hospital to let them know he was coming.”