James Gallagher wants an immediate rematch with Ricky Bandejas in Dublin 4 years ago

James Gallagher wants an immediate rematch with Ricky Bandejas in Dublin

James Gallagher is taking this loss like a man.

Suffering his first ever knockout loss hasn't extinguished the fire inside James Gallagher. Losing to Ricky Bandejas at Bellator 204 is undoubtedly a speed bump, but the preferred destination remains the same. 'The Strabanimal' still has aspirations of being a world champion. He wants to be one of the greats.


As he explained on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show, he has no excuses for the loss. Bandejas was the better man on the night.

"There's no excuse. He set me up brilliantly on the feet. Caught me with a one-two straight down the middle. I actually thought he was going for a hook and as I went inside he just caught me straight up here and I was gone. I shot in after that, but I don't even remember doing it. He kicked me to the face, but I didn't even see that. I was gone completely. I didn't even know he kicked me until I watched the video. Fair fucks to him."

"Thanks to Ricky, he has now showed me an aspect of where I'm not that good at and that was controlling my mind. Being too greedy. Overloading on the shots. Not being smart about it. Not going with the smartest route. Thanks very much to him because he showed me that. That's why I take my hat off to him."



Had Gallagher beaten Bandejas, he likely would have received a title shot against Darrion Caldwell in Dublin in December. He still wants to compete in the 3Arena, but his preferred dance partner has changed.

"I want to rematch this guy in December. It's definitely a possibility. Yep (I've asked for this). We're working on it. Yeah, I think that's going to happen in Ireland. I want that. I feel I can beat him and I feel like I'm smarter than that."

"When I fight in Ireland, it's the biggest business they've ever done. I'm not too sure of the venue or date or anything like that but, in December we're coming to Dublin. Why not? Why not? Let's do it. I'll sell the place out, no problem. I love fighting in Ireland, I love fighting for my Irish people and it's going to be a good night. It's going to be a good night."

Not only that, but Gallagher wants a trilogy. If Bandejas is up for it, he wants another fight with him after that.


"Let's do three. Let's do three. We'll do one more. Even it. Why not? I he wants it, I'm open to that."

Big. Irish. Balls.

Bandejas has since issued a two-word response to the challenge.