Henry Cejudo may have just saved an entire UFC weight division 4 years ago

Henry Cejudo may have just saved an entire UFC weight division

TJ Dillashaw recently bragged about how the UFC was paying him a "fuck load of money to kill the 125lbs division."

It didn't work out quite like that.


Henry Cejudo took extra motivation from the suggestion that he was defending the future of the UFC's flyweight division amidst rumours that the organisation intended to disband its least popular weight class among casual fans.

Cejudo needed just 32 seconds to prove that there is plenty of explosive power in the 125lbs weight class when he swarmed Dillashaw in the main event of UFC Brooklyn on Saturday night.

Cejudo, who became the flyweight king by bringing to an end Demetrious Johnson's title reign last August, stayed true to his promise to fight for his fellow flyweights by tossing Dillashaw to one side and overwhelming him with punches before referee Kevin MacDonald waved the bout off, much to the protestations of the bantamweight champion.


"This victory here was much bigger than me. This victory was for the flyweights," Cejudo said in his post-fight interview.

"TJ, we can do it again and this time we'll do it at 135lbs, man. Thank you for the opportunity. You're a stud for the weight cut but I know that weight cut was a lot but I'll give you another shot at 135lbs.

"I did it for the flyweights and I hope I did enough to keep this division alive!"