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16th Feb 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Catherine Costigan is ready to start paving her comeback path

Return of The Alpha Female

Darragh Murphy

2015 is very much behind her.

The final page of the most torturous chapter in the book of Catherine Costigan’s career has been turned.

The Limerick atomweight was undefeated at this stage twelve months ago but an unsuccessful Invicta debut was followed by an unceremonious defeat in Dublin at BAMMA 22.

‘The Alpha Female’ also went through yet another career-threatening injury but she’s confident that that’s the end of her bad luck.

She’s recovering from her latest surgery, she’s aiming for a fight camp this summer and she vows to get back into the win column before 2016 is out.

Costigan may not be fighting on this month’s BAMMA 24 card but she’s maintaining her terrific relationship with the promotion as she has generously decided to promote tickets for the event by promising to donate a percentage of her commission to Cork City Children’s Hospitals who bring children suffering from cancer to Disneyland every year.

She sat down with us recently to talk us through her plans for the year, walk us through some MMA moves and laugh as she put us through our paces.

Tickets for BAMMA 24, which takes place on February 27 at the 3Arena, can be bought here and to learn more about Catherine or to help out with donations, you can visit her website at