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15th Jan 2018

Darren Elkins pulls off yet another stellar comeback victory

He just can't stop winning

Ben Kiely

Darren Elkins

There’s a reason why Darren Elkins is called ‘the Damage’.

Michael Johnson’s featherweight debut against Darren Elkins was all going according to plan in the first round. ‘The Menace’ received a very warm welcome from his hometown crowd and then proceeded to put on a show.

He looked great in the opening frame using his speed and striking advantage to piece up the grinder. He outstruck Elkins by 43 to 15 in the first five minutes, but it all went tits up for him in the second.

After weathering the early storm, Elkins caught a kick at the beginning of the second round. He used it to secure a takedown and quickly move to side control, before capitalising on a failed escape attempt to take the back. Despite Johnson coming down from 155 lbs, it was Elkins who was more physically imposing on the ground. Eventually, he sunk in the rear-naked choke to earn a submission victory.

In his Octagon interview, Elkins called out the number one contender. Although he didn’t name anyone specifically, it is thought that he was referring to Brian Ortega, who is undefeated in MMA and riding a fie-fight win-streak in the UFC.

“I want the number one contender. I think that’s unrealistic. I have six. The only one who has a better win-streak than me is Max Holloway himself,  so I want the one that’s going to give me a title shot. I know they’re not going to give it to me right now, but I want the fight that’s going to get me to the title.”

The victory brings Elkins’ current streak to six straight wins in the UFC. His 13 UFC featherweight wins are the second most in history behind Holloway who has 14. Johnson has now lost three in a row, and five of his last six.