Daniel Cormier's immediate reaction to devastating knockout loss is a harrowing watch 6 years ago

Daniel Cormier's immediate reaction to devastating knockout loss is a harrowing watch

How could you not feel for Daniel Cormier?

Daniel Cormier is one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever. It's just unfortunate that he happens to share a division with the greatest of all time.


Take out the two losses to Jon Jones and Cormier's record would be pristine. He has beaten former UFC champions Josh Barnett, Frank Mir and Anderson Silva, legends such as Bigfoot Silva, Dan Henderson and Roy Nelson as well as top contenders in their prime like Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson (twice).

Had it not been for Jones, Cormier would have undoubtedly been the greatest 205 lber ever, and perhaps he would have even been in the greatest of all time debates.


Even as he moved the wrong side of 35, Cormier was the archetype of a martial artist, showing an incredible ability to make adjustments and improve his overall game from fight-to-fight.

With the pain of that bitter defeat to Jones at UFC 182 burning a fire in his belly, Cormier came out a different, more driven animal for the rematch over two years later. He was better standing, he was more equipped to handle Jones' takedown attempts and some people even gave him the second round.

But it still wasn't enough.


Joe Rogan has since issued an apology for handing Cormier the mic after suffering the first knockout loss of his professional career to his arch nemesis.

Cormier had never been knocked out before UFC 214, but that all changed once that seismic head kick landed flush in the third round. Jones pounced on his downed opponent and unloaded vicious ground and pound that reduced his granite chin to dust.

Big John McCarthy gave Cormier every chance to recover, but he eventually ended the savage beatdown to award Jones the victory.


On the live broadcast of the event, the cameras cut away to show Jones' cathartic celebrations, but one camera stayed on DC. It was clear from his immediate reaction that he was a broken man.

Best of luck to the poor sod who has to fight Jones next.