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12th May 2017

Dana White makes refreshingly honest admission regarding Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

"Life moves on"

Ben Kiely

Dana White

It was very big of Dana White to admit guilt.

There’s only one reason why the negotiations for the proposed megafight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather aren’t progressing and that’s because they haven’t actually begun yet.

McGregor was a little busy preparing for fatherhood. White was very busy trying to be president of a company full of disgruntled employees and, well, they know where Mayweather is when they’re ready to iron out the details. Although the arse getting dragged out of his ‘Fight of the Century’ against Manny Pacquiao doesn’t really bode well for this fantasy fight where even more money could be on the line.

The good news is though, Conor Jr has been born, the UFC… well, that’s seen better days, but GSP supposedly losing his title fight should keep the middleweights happy, at least. So the time to start talking is this weekend, apparently.

Another reason why is that their desired date is now off the table. September 2017 was what McGregor and co. were aiming for, but the announcement that Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will be fighting on September 16 means there isn’t much room for another boxing prizefight around that time.

Interestingly enough though, Dana White only has himself and the UFC to blame for everything taking so long. He admitted to ESPN Radio that the frustrating wait is on them, not Team Mayweather.

“September was the date that we wanted. You know, we dragged our feet and we’ve taken too long and a great fight slid into that spot. Life moves on. Nobody waits for anything. Things pop up. We didn’t see a big fight coming but these guys made a big fight with GGG and Canelo and good for them.”

“It’s everybody’s fault. It’s all of our fault. Actually, it’s not Mayweather’s fault. It’s our fault on our side. We haven’t got our stuff together meaning me and Conor haven’t got our stuff together and you know, we blew the date. What are you going to do?”

What are you going to do? Getting the negotiations going would be an excellent start. Here’s hoping it all goes well this weekend.