Dana White confirms post-summer boxing plans 4 years ago

Dana White confirms post-summer boxing plans

Dana White has been talking about moving into the realm of boxing promotion for years.

While co-promoting the lucrative 2017 clash between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, White repeatedly sported a Zuffa Boxing t-shirt in a bid to ramp up interest in his new venture.


But we have yet to see the UFC President put on a boxing show of his own.

Fresh from the UFC's landmark deal with ESPN, White has provided an update on when we can finally expect to witness his first boxing card.

'I am making all my boxing moves after this summer," White told CNN. "When this summer is over, you’ll be hearing a lot about what I’m doing in the sport of boxing."


Having been linked with a number of free agents, most notably Mikey Garcia, since first announcing his plans to move into boxing, White continued to vent his frustration about the current state of the sport.

Like most fans, White wants to see the best fight the best and the heavyweight division is a good example of how seldom that happens in boxing.

"What I don’t like what [boxing] is doing if how they’re not fighting the best guys out there right now," White said. "They have [Deontay] Wilder and [Tyson] Fury who just fought to a draw in an incredible fight that people loved. The rematch isn’t happening with those two, and neither one of those two are going to fight [Anthony] Joshua.


"These guys could do a round robin fight, fight each other. You know, both guys could fight Joshua and they’d kill it. They’d make so much money and they would bring so much energy and life back to boxing. But these guys just keep shooting themselves in the foot."