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06th Apr 2016

Dada 5000 reveals more scary details of health issues following Kimbo Slice knockout

He believes he was in fighting shape

Ben Kiely

Dada 5000 has confirmed that he was technically “dead” after Bellator 149.

The concern for Dhafir Harris following his knockout loss to Kimbo Slice turned out to be warranted when it was confirmed that his heart stopped and he was placed on a ventilator shortly after the fight.

Doctors managed to save the former bareknuckle boxer, but high levels of potassium in his blood mixed with sever hydration led to renal failure.

Kimbo Dada

Dada 5000 posted an update on his condition on Instagram in which he revealed he suffered two heart attacks and kidney failure during the fight.

“To All My fans, Supporters, Haters, And Critics Alike. I haven’t been on Social media due to situations Beyond My Control. (Not because of the outcome of the fight)”

“Yes I trained very hard for this fight and I was in Fighting Shape.. But those who knew me they knew that something wasn’t right by the look in my Eyes when I stepped into that ring.”

“Yes I did have kidney failure during the fight I also had 2 heart attacks which I did code aka Died during the Fight. Glory to the Most High which saw favor in me to bring me back. which put me in Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston Texas for more then 3 weeks after the fight.”

“Just to come back to Miami and to continue treatment at South Miami Hospital. Thank you all for your Prayers And Support I will make a full recovery and will be back Bigger, Faster and stronger than ever before that much you can Count On!!!”

Dada added that he is set to do an interview with Dan Lebatard on ESPN this Wednesday in which he vowed to reveal the “rest of that shocking story.”